Monday, February 20, 2012

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Ancient Aliens on the History (now H2) channel.  While I accept some small details in the premise of the show, I consider it to be mostly trash and regularly shout at the television while it's on.  Still, they focus a lot of Egyptian and Mayan culture and monuments.  So much of the current shows on television focus on the Mayan Doomsday Prophesies, and this show is no exception.  That's unfortunate, because while I think that premise is hogwash as well, I like the focus on the Mayans period.

I don't know if that made sense.  It's late at night and I'm dying from allergies and loopy from allergy pills.  They don't seem to be helping though.

Despite a large (too large, I say) focus on the Mayan Doomsday crap, I like the tidbits you actually see on the history channel that have real historical relevance and accuracy.  What can I say?  I'm easily amused.

On a sadder note, today would have been my Mother's sixty-ninth birthday.  Though recent events have pushed that somewhat to the background, her loss is still felt every single day.  We cope.  We live on.  But we do so with heavier hearts and into a world that seems more dark. 

- Jim