Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was wrong.  I'm not going anywhere, at least for the moment. 

I love my friends.  I'm serious. Life is good.

- Jim

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I suffered an enormous setback earlier in the week.  I'm still not entirely sure whether it was a hardware or software failure, but my computer died for a while.  I've brought her back from the dead, but I'm still in the process of picking up the pieces.  The cure was far better than the disease, but they were both nearly as dramatic.  Not much of importance was lost, but restoring the system to its former flow will take some time.

Time that I don't have.  No, I don't mean it like that.  I'm not dying - that I know of anyway.  But, there are other events coming that will stop everything cold.  It doesn't look like there was any way to avoid it and if there was, I missed the opportunity.

I'll probably miss it, so Happy early Easter to everyone.

- Jim