Saturday, September 01, 2012

I don't know if this is a reason enough to write, but some people actually follow events in my life.  This post then is for them.

Blah blah, I injured myself six years ago.  Hurt my knee at work.  The surgery to fix it didn't really fix it and as a result, I am legally disabled.  It's lame (well nearly so), but it's what it is.  I've been trying to change that over time, with mixed results.  I'm not ever going to run again or do jumping jacks, but I thought that perhaps with exercise and effort, I could at least get around on my own. 

Now, six years of effort sounds like a lot, and at times it was, but I'm not active by any means.  I am more active than I was, I suppose.  Or I was more active than I was, if that makes sense.

Blah blah, this story takes too long.  I went out on Wednesday evening to roll up the windows in the car.  This shouldn't be a big thing and it wasn't really meant to be.  I didn't wear shoes though and in addition to walking weird because of my injured knee, I walked funny because I have sensitive feet.  The stones in the path leading to the car aren't well-seated, and one was loose.  I tripped when the stone flipped over, stumbled when my toe caught on the stone and landed on the cement driveway.

I thought I died.  For a minute I was sure I would.  I've always said that I had just one fall in me left, and apparently I was wrong.  At the moment though, I'm even more positive the next one will kill me.  I landed on my "good" knee and twisted/hyperextended a couple of the toes on that foot as well.  The rest of the injuries - skinned knee and elbow, bruised shoulder, are really inconsequential.  At least one toe is probably broken, the other one is probably just bruised.  The "good" knee is probably just bruised as well, but being the good knee, it's put more pressure on the bad knee.

So, in short, I'm probably not going to be a ballerina any time soon.

All in all, I'm fine.  I walk a little more unsteadily.  I sleep even less as there don't seem to be any sleeping positions that don't aggravate something somewhere.   Climbing into bed is an adventure and may lead to me killing myself right there.  Anyway, as I said, some people have heard things and I wanted to lay things to rest before people got too worried.

- Jim