Monday, January 07, 2013

I'm a little late in posting this, but I've had it done for several days now.  My internet connection just isn't good enough to post something like this.

A couple notes first.  The list has been slightly edited for public use.  There are, for example, specific bills that need to get paid on the list that have been truncated to "Bills".  As far as the books go, I'm at the point where the next step is to finish them off and send them to the publisher.  I would like to see them published, of course, but at the point I send them off, they're out of my hands.

The rest are more in the line of my usual yearly To-Do lists.  I've tried to concentrate on the important stuff instead of just adding stuff at the bottom.  Still, it's likely that I won't finish everything on the list.  Writing, for example, has taken far longer than I have ever thought it would.  Still, I want to make an honest effort here.

2013 To-Do List

1) Bills
2) Bills
3) Send book to publisher
4) Send book to publisher
5)  R. A Game of Thrones
6)  R. A Clash of Kings
7)  R. A Storm of Swords
8)  R. A Feast of Crows
9)  R. A Dance of Dragons
10)  R. Tolkien and the Great War.
11)  R. Popul Vuh
12)  R. Flowers for Algernon
13)  Lose weight
14)  Beat StarCraft
15)  Beat Twisted Metal:  Black
16)  Beat Final Fantasy 7
17)  W. ThunderCats (80's Cartoon Series)
18)  W. Star Trek:  DS9 series
19)  W. Star Trek:  Voyager series
20)  R. Legacy of Ashes
21)  R. Eagle and the Sun
22)  R. The Stand (Revised and Uncut)
23)  Catch up on current periodicals
24)  R. Don't eat this book
25)  Buy Discovery Magazine Archive DVD
26)  R. Gamemaster Law (Rolemaster)
27)  R. Arcane Companion
28)  W. Fraggle Rock DVD collection   (Finished 1/5/2013)
29)  W. Heat DVD set
30)  W. Back to the Future DVD set 
31)  W. The Stand DVD
32)  W. Transformers DVD Set

One final note, as my Sister's kids are still staying at the house, it becomes easier to watch things like Fraggle Rock and Transformers.  I got the Fraggle Rock DVDs done already because they were on Christmas break.  When they come home from school, I tend to work on the Transformers stuff.

- Jim