Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh, and for the record, here's some of what I've done over the past couple days:

I watched half of the episodes of the National Geographic channel's The 80's:  The Decade That Made Us.  It's six hours long.  I finished a DISCOVER magazine from May 2013.  I started a TIME magazine, April 22nd, 2013.  I also worked on a bunch of archives that I've neglected for too long.  That's another hole that will never be filled entirely, but it's smaller than it was before.

As I said, it's normally not anything I would write a regular post for and I won't be doing it regularly now.  It would have been more convenient if GetGlue would have been more convenient, or at least more stable, but that's life on the internet.

- Jim
If you checked this page for just the few right (or wrong) moments over the last few days, you would have seen that I was experimenting with a couple changes.  No big deal - they didn't work out.  I suspected they wouldn't.

Over the past few months, I've been using GetGlue to keep track of the things I do - reading, watching movies, television shows, video games.  Stuff like that.  I wanted an easy way to post to the blog about the everyday sort of things I do without the obnoxiousness (is that a word) of posting and of reading an entire post of whatever length about the fact that I'm watching Fraggle Rock or something.  For the people who get notified about every post I make, it would be doubly annoying.

Well, GetGlue failed.  As I was experimenting over the past um.. while, those wise folks at GetGlue discovered that not only are people not using computers any longer, but they're also not reading books or playing video games.  I could post that I was, for example, watching a video about MineCraft on Youtube, but I surely couldn't post that I was playing it.  Then the widget for the blog posting failed because they didn't believe people used blogs and the whole thing became meaningless.  I march to my own drum and GetGlue apparently doesn't.

Ah well.  Anyway, this post is just to say that an easier way to determine I wasn't dead when I failed to post regularly wasn't going to happen.  I am alive and I'm buried deep into projects of my own making - projects I'm desperately behind in.  I *think* I'm catching up, but it's sometimes hard to tell.  Catching up in one area invariable leads to falling behind in another.  I'm working on these things for longer periods of time, but the sea can sometimes appear to be endless at times.

These late night knee pains are getting worse though.  Bad for sleep, but plenty good for getting work done.

- Jim