Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm in the process of reducing my social media exposure, not because I fear big brother or anything like that, but because I spend so much time on it.  Is the time wasted?  That's hard to say.  You could spend an evening at a friend's house talking and not doing anything more than watching a movie or playing cards, but the time wouldn't necessarily count as wasted.  In that sense, no, my time isn't really wasted online, but at the same time, my hands twitch because there's so much waiting to be done.

The process is imperfect and won't really affect this blog, but it does exist.  I'll probably spend more time using Twitter, since those feeds go here and to my Facebook page. 

It was always inevitable, I suppose, that I'm going to be unable to finish everything I wanted by the end of the arbitrary February deadline.  Health issues, social issues, family issues, as well as my own procrastination played a part.  In the end however, I was probably just too optimistic about what I could achieve.  Aside from a few days when I couldn't, I've worked a lot more than I did in the previous months at the end of last year.  But, it wasn't enough to make a difference.  Staying up late to try and keep up is catching up to me more than is allowing me to catch up.  I can stay awake for a long time, but there is a definite period when I lose the ability to do anything constructive. 

Oh yeah, I did want to mention that I finally entered the 20th century and bought a water filter for the kitchen sink.  I can now drink filtered water!  The real reason, of course, is that we have very hard water in this region and because I use a humidifier constantly, the house is covered in a fine film of lime dust that I am apparently powerless to keep ahead of.  Unfortunately, the dust is permeating even closed areas like CD and DVD cases as well as books.  I did it as much to protect media as I did to protect my health.

So, that's life around here.  G'luck, I'm off to finish another magazine.  Just uh... 31 to go after this!

- Jim