Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay, this post will fill you in on some of the crazy things I've been working on and why I'm too stuck up to post often.  First and foremost, I'm still having trouble with my wrist.  I don't think I give it enough time to heal.  It starts to feel better, so I take off the brace.  Lately, I've been moving things - not big things, not far distances, but it's enough.  I'll get to that more later, but suffice to say that my wrist now hurts more than my knee from doing these things.  I've been taking it easy for the last couple days and trying to wear the brace more.  Unfortunately, this new keyboard is even worse than the old one when I have the brace on.  So, that means less typing period.

The main thing I've been working on is setting up this new computer and getting the old one working.  The equipment was set up and working in a day, but it took two days to figure out the best way to fit them all in the cramped space I have available.  Even so, it's not an optimal solution, but it's probably the best I'm going to get for a while.  Meanwhile, there's the printer to worry about, cables to worry about, peripherals to worry about.  Getting them working is easy.  Fishing the cables through is the difficult part.

I've also been sorting papers, cleaning around, and organizing.  I spent three hours the other night shredding old receipts and paperwork that I let build up.  I'm a pack-rat, so that three hours was probably far less than needed.  I also organized magazines, books, and DVDs as well.  I even pulled MERP stuff out and made some attempt at organizing it before I packed it away.  It was necessary and no, I didn't do any work on the game itself, but there you go.  It brought back memories though and I wish I had time and means to play.  Sigh.

Finally, I've been reading.  By my count, I have just over 46 days and 3 hours before the end of the year.  That deadline is never a hard one - it's as random and meaningless as the daily deadlines I keep for things.  Still, there were things I wanted to accomplish that aren't going to happen.  So I've been trying extra hard to get reading done and some of these shows watched that I wanted to see.  I will never be truly caught up in this regard.  Just yesterday, I think I added two books to my "Someday" list.  I have about forty index cards with books on them, just waiting for me to run out of other things to do.  Amazon.com must love me.

During the computer outage, there was a plan to get much of this work done.  After the initial shock and depression, I think I made a pretty good start on it.  Since I got the new computer, I've slowed these things way down.  Some of what I did was necessary, and some was just simply playing Heroes of Might and Magic II on a brand new computer.  I probably overdo that game stuff, but it helps me handle stress.

So that's that.  I'm currently reading November's Discover magazine that I got about a week ago.  I'm also reading David Eddings, The Rivan Codex.  I'm in the midst of watching several movies, a bunch of Republican primary presidential debates, and a biography of J.K. Rowling.  I'm working on watching old Beavis and Butthead episodes as well, since I've missed so many when they were on during the 90's.  I'll try and keep everyone updated as things get accomplished.

- Jim