Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When things are going well, I have remarkably little to talk about.  When things are going badly, I'm afraid to post the excuses.

Generally speaking, things are going well.  My wrist has not resolved itself.  It'll get better and then I will hyperextend it doing something while not thinking and then it will be hurt again for a few days.  I'm left-handed, it's my left wrist.  It cuts down on a lot of the things that I normally do when I have to wear the brace.  Can't write, can barely type, can't play most video games, it's annoying to have to try and read, can't clean, can't sort, can't do much of anything.  Even watching movies is annoying because with the left-handed thing, I can't hold a glass in my hand to drink from.  Normally, not a problem, but it can be when I'm into a movie and while not thinking, reach over to get a glass.  My fingers are about a half-inch too short to stop myself from knocking over a glass before I can feel it.  Sigh.

On the other days, things are getting done.  Sure, it's never as much as I'd like and never as much as is needed, but things get done.  The new computer is nearly as useful as the old one while being much, much faster.  I've moved most of the files I have saved on various drives, CDs, and DVDs.  That's not particularly hard, but it is time consuming.  Oh yeah, and impossible when I'm wearing the brace.  My computer naturally, is on my left side. 

Writing is going well, when I can do it.  Some days are better than others with the wrist.  You can plan for years and years, but when pen meets the proverbial paper, a million things pop up that must be reconsidered.  I've resolved to deal with these things later, but it's hard.  I don't want to make mistakes, but my inexperience virtually guarantees it.  Could I work around these mistakes later?  Yeah, probably, but I'd rather not.  The whole experience of being a GM for MERP works against me here and it's probably more relevant than I care to admit.  Playing with a bunch of fanboys is the same as writing for a bunch of fanboys and we fanboys know when there are mistakes.  Most are even worse than me with stuff like this, but I hate to retcon or to change what has already happened.

The other thing that hurts/helps is that I'm working on so many projects at once.  True, it keeps me busy when I can't work on one or foresight fails me, but it also means that every pound of effort is divided by ten or twenty different projects.  The numbers always look smaller that way.

But, as I said, I'm getting there.  It's been a longer road than I care to admit, and I probably won't reach my goal of finishing by the end of the year, but high hopes for next year.

- Jim