Friday, November 11, 2011

I've been busy, sorta.  The computers are pretty much set up the way I want them, though there are dozens of cords of every type crisscrossing my computer room.  I have yet to dig the power cord out for my printer though, but though it isn't really hard work, all this hard work is killing my knee.  And my wrist.  I probably should have gone to see a doctor about the wrist, but given my recent history, I can't really justify going to see a doctor that can't do anything about anything.  I realize that doctors can't fix everything, but my personal doctor seems more useless than most.

My Aunt went into the hospital early this week for a "heart event".  It's essentially a heart attack, but it's not as bad as it could be.  I don't know if they're trying to make her feel better about it or if there really are different flavors of heart attacks.  Anyway, she's back home resting now and my Dad is going up to see her tomorrow. 

Writing is continuing, but slowly.  I'm pretty used to the keyboard now, but the whole wrist thing is annoying.  The good news is that this keyboard seems even lower impact than the other one.  I'm trying to take it easy and hopefully when I get back to typing, it will really be over.

And that's about it in my life.  Will post more soon,

- Jim