Monday, May 27, 2013

Call what I do what you will, but I get absorbed into it.  Every now and then I look around and notice the world has changed around me.  The internet comes on computers now?  Will wonders never cease?

So, it is with sadness, but probably little surprise that I find that West End Games, formerly the maker of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game is liquidating.  Not just scaling back or losing some titles because some asshat decided their crappy new Jar-Jar filled movies justified raising the price of a licensing deal, but really liquidating. 

I'm not saying it was a perfect system.  Where Rolemaster by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) was really too much, WEG was too damned simple for my tastes.  But still, I'm not a fan of Wizards of the Coast's lame attempts at controlling the entire RPG sector.  Thanks for ruining the world WotC. 

Yeah, I know WEG's demise started back in the 90's of the last century.  I didn't figure they'd last long without Star Wars and indeed, they surprised me by lasting as long as they did.  I also know that this liquidation is old news.  Sue me.  Please refer to the first paragraph.

As much as I post those Dice pictures, I'm not a gamer any more.  Not really.  I pull the books and binders out every now and then and scrape the dust off, but little more than that.  I've purchased... what, one RPG book in the last year?  Two?  I'm not going to look.  It would just make me more depressed.

Ah well.  I still have my memories.

- Jim