Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I've been away from my computer more lately.  It doesn't help with the things I need/want to do, but it does give the kids something else to do when they're over here.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  They shouldn't spend their whole summer playing computer games, but the point is that they lost just about everything they owned and I'm giving them as much leeway as I think is appropriate.  Besides, there've been more than a few really hot days during this period where it's unsafe to spend all day outside playing.

I don't know all the details, but they're looking at a couple houses.  Life is moving on, but slowly.  It's  probably too slow for them, but this is actually faster than I expected it to be.  Their old house is a total loss and will be torn down.  Whatever survived the fire and the burglaries was damaged by smoke, water, and the elements.  Speaking of which, there was a rather destructive little storm that passed through the area.   Granted, everything there was ruined already, but it didn't help matters any.

Okay, technically not everything, but close enough.  There's a company that came in and is attempting to clean the stuff.  Most of it is really beyond their abilities - I guess the mold is really bad.  I won't be going there any time soon.  I have enough problems with allergies now.

Um, that's about it.  I've been reading and stuff while I have time, but it's hard with kids running around demanding attention.  Apparently, though I've known this for a while, I do my best work alone.  It just amazes me how much I ever got done in the olden days when I was more social.

- Jim