Monday, March 05, 2012

My Sister came to live here for about a week as her housing issues became more drama-filled.  The supplies, clothing, children, and everything else has been trickling in for a couple weeks.  After the usual drama associated with my family, she and her kids moved out last night.  It will make for less drama and distraction, but I do miss the kids.  Yeah, they're a handful at times, but they're still pretty cool.

She brought along her dogs as well and while I like them in general, they were usually more than a handful.  One of the week-old puppies died on Saturday morning.  It was likely that it was inevitable, but it was a sad process.  Truly, I'm not being heartless when I say that I'm glad it's over.  The poor puppy clearly suffered for too long.  Poor girl.

I'm not missing the dogs so much now.  My allergies are going haywire, I think.  I wake up with a headache, sleep with a headache, and generally pop allergy pills on a regular basis.  I wouldn't mind them if they worked, but about the only thing they seem to help with is making me too tired to do much and too sleepless to fix the tired problem.  I'm thinking about trying the allergy shots, but I don't know enough about them to make a judgement.  It's something new and I tend to believe in the devil I know rather than the possibilities I don't.

I've been up nights lately, getting what I can done.  It's quiet now and the distractions are less numerous.  It limits what I can do to some extent, but since most of what I do is pretty quiet anyway, I find I can keep busy.

Anyway, until the next post,

- Jim