Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, I'm not going to hide it. This decision has been a long time coming, despite claims to the contrary. Originally, the blog was to serve as a personal journal. The whole point was to move such things to the "cloud", though the term wasn't really there at the time. I had just suffered a hard drive crash and wanted the safety associated with the internet.

The recent crash changed all that, though again, the decision has been long in coming. Despite being a private journal, there were many things I couldn't post because it was too public. If the whole point of the blog was to help me in writing, it was also a big impediment since I could rarely share such thoughts here. Even worse, there's no point in using this blog as a backup if the backup remains insecure.

Of course there were people who got mad at what I posted, whether it was about them or something they cared about. There were people who tried to use what I posted against me, as if they could win arguments by using my past to insult me. And there were people who misunderstood the concept entirely and thought that I was either crying for help, suicidal, or dying. For the record, I am none of these. Well, technically, I suppose everyone is dying from the day they were born, but that's it. My only medical issues are that I have allergies and a bad knee. A very bad knee, but just a knee. I don't think it will kill me any time soon.

So, there it is.

No more personal thoughts, ideas, or concepts. I'm taking the journal out of the blog. Oh, I imagine I'll fill it up with things that interest me, but that's it.

Oh, in the meantime, I have backed up the former blog. I'll be transferring it back to my hard drive where it will become a real journal. Nothing is lost, it's just no longer public. I'll also be backing it up in other ways as well.

- Jim