Sunday, April 02, 2017

Still Not Dead Yet. Sorry.

Nope, I'm still not dead yet.

I've been away from here for a while.  I haven't been totally gone - you can see my Twitter feed to the right of this page.  I just haven't posted here.  To tell you the truth - I've been behind on everything.  Last year, I was sick several times, bad enough to be put in the hospital.  In that time, and the recovery time afterward, I've fallen behind on everything.

I also didn't want to comment on the election.  Yeah, like everyone else I have an opinion.  While I think I may have had something to say, I couldn't have gotten a word in edgewise.  The screamers from both sides weren't letting any reasonable opinion through the gates.  Of course, balanced against everything else in my life, it just wasn't that important.

I'm not back yet.  I'm catching up, but there are literally piles of stuff around here - projects I started and never finished, news articles I haven't read, books I haven't seen, movies I haven't watched, papers I haven't filed.  I just figured it'd been long enough without posting that I should probably say something.

The Twitter feed does give some indication of stuff I do from time to time, but I mostly reserve it for movies and television shows I watch.  Rarely, I mention books and magazines.  I don't post about much else.  If you're stalking me, it's a good place to start, but you'll have to work harder than that.  Of course, if you're stalking me, you need more of a life than even I do.

The book(s) are being worked on.  Work essentially stopped when I started getting sick and either never started again, or had been just restarted when I got sick again.  I'm a weird sort of OCD completist, and taking a break that long usually means starting from the beginning, one way or another.

I hope to have something better to write about soon.  High hopes.

- Jim