Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Yeah, I know.  I haven't written in a long while.  I've been busy and there's been less results from it.  I have less and less time to spend on new and exciting projects as all the older ones require upkeep.  It's crazy how things work.

At the moment, I'm working my way through the Game of Thrones series again after I got Season 3 on blu-ray.  I've got just over a month before the new series starts, which means I'll have to try to stay away from the internet to avoid all the spoilers that I managed to miss so far.

In the meantime, I'm writing less and working less on other things.  It's the way things are.  Oh yeah - I got the Firefly series on blu-ray last week.  It was a good change of pace from things I was working on at the time. 

As I've said before, I try and keep my Twitter account generally up to date.  You'll find recent highlights over on the right side of the screen.  =======================>

- Jim