Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As usual, it's been an interesting few weeks.

First of all, my recovery from the hospital has been mostly good.  I don't feel like working as much though, so my output has suffered.  Still, I'm healthier and that improves output a bit.

Did I say healthier?

We live in a house that is well over a hundred years old.  The house was invented before they realized you had to close it off from the elements in order to be a house.  As a result, there are a thousand nooks and crannies and every now and then - usually a couple times a year, we get bats in the house.  When I was a child, we would just capture the thing with a string fishing net and take it outside.  The net gradually fell apart and we don't fish enough to bother getting a new one.  So, I have big work gloves that I put on and I use a towel or an old t-shirt to capture one.  We had one on Thursday, I think, last week.  I put the gloves on, grabbed a t-shirt, put it over the bat and carried it outside.

On Saturday, we had another one.  This one was in a nook and the t-shirt thing wouldn't work.  So, using the work gloves, I picked the thing up and carried it outside.  The gloves were designed to be used at work and the backs are just fabric, in order to allow the hands to sweat and breathe.  The bat, in just the right position at just the right time chewed on the glove.  It wasn't enough to break skin, but may have been enough to scratch it.


So, I had to start a rabies treatment.  Despite what you hear on television, it's not gotten better with time.  A dozen shots on Sunday morning at the ER followed by something like six more hospital visits.  I'm not exaggerating either - a dozen shots.  Two in the affected thumb, three in each arm, two right above each knee.  Sheesh.

At least I'm getting fresh air.

- Jim