Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There's really nothing new to add.  Aunt is still home, but still recovering.  That process will take a while, I'm afraid.  Still, it's better than the alternative.

As for me, I'm nearly done with the Harry Potter series.  I suppose I could have finished it sooner, but I had other smaller chores that needed my attention as well and I did my best not to neglect them.  My toe is still messed up.  You know how that goes.  Hindsight again, but I should have gone to get it checked out before.  I don't think it's any more injured than it was before - it's not like it's green or falling off or anything, it's just not healing straight.  I'm doing my best to stay off it, but I don't think I'm doing enough. 

Oh yeah, the writing is continuing.  I'm not spending all day every day on it, but it's coming along slowly.  I don't figure I'll be able to devote my full time to it until after the end of the year.  Still, that might be for the best.  These smaller sessions allow me to fill gaps and holes, to work on background stuff, and flesh out ideas.  The world of the book will never, ever be complete, but as it can be the framework for something bigger than just a single book, I want to make sure that framework is complete at least.

Things are finally coming together there, I think. 

- Jim