Thursday, August 02, 2012

Since we have foolishly chosen to anger those in power at Beloit, Wisconsin's code enforcement, we have received a litany of additional complaints.  Flower bushes?  Had to go.  Weeds?  Too many of them.  The dog smell?  Yup.  How that wasn't on the original list, I'm not sure.  Oh wait, because if you anger the police officer, you soon find a broken tail light.  In the same way, we're finding new levels of their abuse of power.

On a similar note, the police have been to our house several times over the past few years to tell us that if we see anyone doing anything improper in the nearby cemetery, that we should call and report it.  Well, today we did.  The police actually arrived this time, and told the kids to leave.  No warnings, no tickets, no talks with parents, no nothing.  Sigh.

This isn't going to be a blog about everything that sucks about Beloit, Wisconsin.  But, the posts for the next several days will probably be along those lines.

- Jim