Sunday, July 15, 2012

The last few days have been a mess.  Money issues, mostly.  I haven't posted because I'm quitting soda - caffeine.  So, I've been suffering more than usual.  I didn't get many headaches, but I did sleep about three hundred hours a day.

That changed yesterday, and this is the important part.  My Sister's house caught on fire.  The good news is that everyone made it out okay and the pets are all fine.  The bad news is that much of the second floor was simply unaccessible and so they don't have any clothes, toys, books, or anything like that.  They managed to get a few things out, but it will take a lot of stuff to keep the family going.

For the moment, the kids and my Sister are staying with us.  It makes things crowded, but they had little choice in the matter.  We're all helping as best we can and trying to make things work.

- Jim