Saturday, April 14, 2012

The basis for the things I do online is evolving.  There are a lot of times I seek to shout out to the internet something inane and meaningless, or even not so meaningless, and then I reconsider.  This blog is on the periphery of those recent changes, but it's not been immune.  I'm not immune to the changes either.  Some of what I might have previously posted on Facebook for example gets posted to my Twitter account, shown down on the lower right, simply because I sometimes still need to reach out.

It's silly, I know. 

I have always been into what I've been into, liked what I liked, and sometimes wanted other people to like what I liked as well.  I've always known that most people didn't share my interests, but it never really dawned on  me how inconsequential my updates were compared to the cacaphony found in social media today.  Too often we fail to listen because we are all shouting, trying to grab ever smaller shares of attention for ourselves.  I used to wonder why that "one guy" would always resort to pratfalls to get attention but failed to realize that the rest of us do the same things, just in different ways.

Maybe I'm just becoming more antisocial.

I'm not judging others, for the most part.  Some people have need of attention, but since I don't, or don't much, I'll leave those actions to them.  I can live without it for the most part.

I'll still be here, in this little space of the internet that I've marked off for myself.  I just won't be elsewhere as much.  I'm not giving up on those areas either, but it's time to limit them to what I've done here. 

- Jim