Monday, March 26, 2012

There isn't really any new information.  I hesitate to post for that reason, but silence, unfortunately, often carries its own meanings. 

The situation with my Niece is probably more serious than we thought.  On the one hand, they haven't found anything wrong.  On the other, she keeps having seizures.  Many of them are smaller seizures, but the fact that she keeps having them probably carries some meaning.  Given that she is related to my Sister and both have experienced these seizures only after reaching adulthood is probably more than coincidence.  If the causes are related, it probably rules some things out, or at least, makes them more unlikely.

However, "weird" is the very definition of "weird". 

So, what we have is some small bits of evidence that produce a partial picture that leads to lots of speculation.  I'm not a doctor and I use the web, which leads to dangerous theories that are usually wrong.

I don't know how much this speculation gets shared.  I don't, because aside from calling it weird, I don't really have any theories.  I know others do.  The lack of knowledge period is causing stress among the patients, and I would be willing to believe that the speculation isn't helping matters.  I'm not necessarily finding fault here - unfortunately, it's the nature of something so serious with so much time passed and so little information to have some of the blanks filled in by whatever means necessary.  It's just frustrating to deal with the fallout.

In the end, this is just a long way of saying that not knowing anything really sucks.  Such is the nature of medicine in the field of neurology.  It still sucks.

- Jim