Wednesday, June 01, 2011

For those keeping track of the Seti@home numbers on the side of my blog over there ===>, they had a problem with a server, that they're still working on fixing. They've moved most of the data to another server and are slowly getting things fixed. It's not a solution yet, but a temporary fix until they can fix it for real.

I took the time to stop downloading new work so that I could upgrade to a new version of Seti@home without risking too much data. I had one upgrade that went bad once and though it's never happened again, I don't want to go through the experience again. It was hardly the end of the world for anyone - after the work expired without me doing it, it was rereleased so others could do it. Still, it's a personal preference, probably OCD.

Anyway, between those two, the numbers will and actually have already fluctuated wildly. I figure three or four more days until it gets back to normal, assuming they can get the server situation straightened out. I'm still doing work, I technically only stopped for a short time, but there was a slightly longer period when I did less work as well. Anyway, we're back up now here, so future fluctuations aren't real, just apparent.

- Jim